TrueNAS R Series

The TrueNAS R-Series combines the powerful features of ZFS with value-oriented, single controller hardware to deliver the best value storage in the industry. Available in all-flash and hybrid models, these systems feature excellent density and price-performance with specs ranging from 10 GbE to 100 GbE and up to 16 cores and 192 GB of RAM. 

The TrueNAS R-Series is available in three editions: CORE, Enterprise, and SCALE. The TrueNAS Enterprise version is available with Bronze or Silver Enterprise support.


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Simplify your data management with powerful OpenZFS data management features including data protection, snapshots, replication, scrubbing, data reduction, and security. Integrating TrueNAS into your workload is easy with support for block, file, and object storage protocols as well as integrated support for all major hypervisors and cloud sync services. All TrueNAS systems are fully compatible and allow secure data replication and migration between each other.

File Sharing

Eliminate data silos by consolidating and sharing your data from a single platform that integrates seamlessly with all major protocols.


TrueNAS supports block, file, object storage for easy integration and reliable multimedia storage and editing.


The TrueNAS R-Series combines capacity and value with powerful data protection tools to safeguard up to 2 PB of data on a single appliance.

TrueNAS R Series Comparison

TrueNASTrueNAS R10TrueNAS R20TrueNAS R40TrueNAS R50
Rack Space1U2U-10U2U-6U4U-12U
Drive Bays16 x 2.5″ 7mm12 x 3.5″, 2 x 2.5″48 x 2.5″ 7mm48 x 3.5″, 4 x 2.5″
CPU per Controller6 – 10 Cores6 -16 Cores6 – 16 Cores6 – 16 Cores
DRAM per Controller32 GB – 96 GB32 GB – 192 GB64 GB – 192 GB64 GB – 192 GB
Max Ethernet Speed2x 100 GbE2x 100 GbE2x 100 GbE2x 100 GbE
Maximum CapacityUp to 56 TBUp to 60 TBUp to 60 TBUp to 96 TB

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Give us 15-20 minutes of your time and we will design your perfect storage solution.

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