Why wait for 800G? Deploy 1200G today.

Rapid growth in internet traffic and fierce migration to cloud-based services are creating an urgent need for more network speed and flexibility. Today’s metro, long-haul and DCI network operators need the power to address changing business demands in real-time while retaining simplicity and meeting evolving density and power requirements.

TeraFlex™ terminal can transport 1.2Tbit/s of data over a single channel and deliver 7.2Tbit/s in a 1RU chassis. It also features highly advanced capabilities such as fractional QAM modulation that ensures complete control over modulation format, symbol rate and channel grid. All this means that you can significantly boost the capacity or extend the reach of any infrastructure, providing the lowest cost per bit for any network.

You’ll also be able to boost network capacity over any infrastructure with this scalable and flexible solution. What’s more, 10GbE services are also supported via pluggables. This unique flexibility enables the smoothest service upgrade from 10GbE to 400GbE and gives service providers and data center operators the configuration flexibility to address a wide range of DCI applications with minimum inventory sprawl and market-leading power efficiency. Data security is also guaranteed with robust, low-latency encryption that eliminates the need for standalone security equipment. It also delivers real-time streaming telemetry, a prerequisite for big data based network management.

As the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable solution, it is redefining open optical transport. Now network operators can effortlessly maximize the transmission capacity for any given fiber link, from access networks to links spanning submarines distances, ensuring the lowest cost per bit for any network. It is completely open and SDN programmable and is a major boost to cloud-content and digital media providers looking for ways to cost-efficiently deliver more to their customers around the globe.

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