Top 5 Reasons You Need a Cyber Security Review

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Industries today should be concerned with and invest a certain amount of time, money and resources into cybersecurity. There are actual threats that have a high likelihood of occurring. In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons you need a cyber security review to assess your risk and determine where there might be vulnerabilities in your organization.

Reason 1—Employee negligence puts an organization at risk

Employees are human, and we all make mistakes.  In some cases though, employees will unfortunately be willfully negligent.  Techgardens provides security awareness training and several detective and preventative tools that can reduce the risk of this threat impacting the business

Reason 2—SMBs are not protected enough

Small businesses often have neither the skills or the infrastructure to effectively defend against cyber threats.  Techgardens provides skilled cybersecurity and IT professionals and a portfolio of products that can help SMBs improve that protection, monitor its effectiveness, and reduce the risk that the bad guys succeed in their attacks

Reason 3 – Employee mobility may prove disastrous

SMBs have truly gone virtual.  In many cases, the “headquarters” is only a physical placeholder with an office manager and occasionally the business owner.  SMB marketing and sales teams are on the road, and many technical staff work remotely to provide the coverage an internet facing business requires.  Techgardens offers identity access and management tools like full disk encryption, privileged access management, multifactor authentication, and next generation firewalls with secure remote access gateways that can protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive company and customer data on its employee devices regardless of where they are and the time of day

Reason 4 —  SMBs fail to routinely back up data

Data is the currency of the Internet, and it’s paramount for SMBs to fiercely protect its confidentiality, integrity and availability.  Techgardens offers scalable backup solutions including cloud services that can provide mechanisms and facilities to make backup of critical and sensitive company and customer data routine and transparent to its employees

Reason 5 – SMBs do not enforce data security policies

Without a documented, effective set of data security policies (necessary for the information security program that is more and more required by the regulators), employees will not fully appreciate their roles and responsibilities in protecting the company’s information assets.  Techgardens cybersecurity consultants can help SMBs transform their data security policies into an actionable program that can be deployed in a way that ensures that policies are enforced and monitored.  The Techgardens portfolio offers a range of solutions that can be deployed and managed cost effectively to ensure that network, server, and workstation activity is continually monitored to satisfy current organizational policy requirements as well as those brought on by State and Federal regulatory requirements in such industries as financial services, health care, retail and hospitality.

For a complimentary 1 hour cyber security review with our senior security engineer / architect, contact Techgardens at 646-783-4550 or complete the form with the best time to call and we’ll help you understand exactly what you need to protect your organization.

Free Cyber Security Review

About Techgardens:

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 and based in NYC. We build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Techgardens is more than an IT consulting firm. We select the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment.

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