Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage

Whether it’s compliance, performance or economics, organizations have plenty to think about when choosing a data storage solution. TrueNAS provides various agencies with enterprise storage that is safe, secure, unified and scalable, which can be used with multiple applications. TrueNAS provides unrivaled data integrity protection, scales to 4PB, unifies block and file storage, balances price and performance, and uses the open source OpenZFS file system. Using TrueNAS eliminates the risk of deploying a complex storage infrastructure and reduces storage costs. While cost should not be the only reason to choose a storage vendor, there are several other key factors to consider when selecting a storage vendor.

Storage for Today and Beyond

Key factors to consider when selecting a storage vendor: Performance, price, support, and pre and post sales. Techgardens offers TrueNAS from iXsystems because they have decades of experience in providing rock-solid solutions for thousands of storage customers. Our solutions architects have decades of experience with Open Source technologies and enterprise hardware to help ensure a seamless process from pre sales through deployment. Our white glove support, responsiveness to customer needs and dedication to building long-term relationships is what separates Techgardens and iXsystems from the competition.

Worlds of innovation

At Techgardens, we believe innovation in technology is the future of business. iXsystems offers some of the most innovative storage products on the market today with their TrueNAS series of products. Watch the video to get a quick overview of TrueNAS.

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Be Proactive

When it comes to storage, businesses must be proactive. In this data sheet from our partners at iXsystems, you’ll learn why you should choose iXsystems for your storage needs. 

Ready to Speak with us about Upgrading Your Storage?

Techgardens can help you meet the demands of mission critical storage with private, hybrid and multi cloud solutions by iXsystems. Data management features include snapshots, replication, rollback, clones, encryption, mirroring and much more. Our all flash and hybrid arrays will fit any budget.Our storage engineers can assist you with determining your storage needs for today and in the future to ensure that you install just what you need and nothing more. Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation today to discuss your storage needs.

About Techgardens

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 and based in NYC. We build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Techgardens is more than an IT consulting firm. We select the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment.

Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of many widely recognized vendor products with over a decade of experience deploying their products.  Many of our vendors work through resellers and as a preferred partner we guarantee the absolute best possible pricing and technical support for our customers.

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