Private & Public Cloud

Private & Public Cloud

Cloud Services

Techgardens, together with their cloud partners, offers data protection solutions for the multi-cloud enterprise with our seamless integrations with the leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the hyper-growth and hyper-sprawl of today’s data,  traditional data management is not enough. Data must become Hyper Available. Getting there requires a new approach that merges the traditional disciplines of data backup and recovery, data protection and data security. Moving from policy-based to behavior-based management to make data both intelligent, and ultimately, self-governing. Our cloud partners are uniquely positioned to help customers along their journey to Intelligent Data Management.

Protect Your Data

Techgardens provides engineering and expertise to configure and deploy the solutions most appropriate for your business needs. Let the cloud engineers at Techgardens help you to custom design, upgrade, expand and plan for your cloud upgrade.

Worlds of innovation

At Techgardens, we believe innovation in technology is the future of business. Data is the lifeblood of organizations. It is critical to a businesses success and is growing at an astronomical rate. Learn how Veeam Availability Suite is the leader in Intelligent Data Management.

Be Proactive

When it comes to cybersecurity, businesses must be proactive. In this case study by our partners at VMWare, you’ll learn how Trend Micro accelerates public cloud migration with VMWare Cloud on AWS enabling secure IT transformation.

Ready to Migrate Your Data to the Cloud

If you’re ready to run, manage, connect, and protect all of your apps on any cloud, we’ll help you choose the cloud that best meets your app and business needs for visibility, simplicity, flexibility and security.  We’ll even help you unify your hybrid and native clouds. So whether you need to migrate to the cloud, unify multi-cloud operations, scale on demand or build modern apps, we can help you navigate the technology.

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About Techgardens

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 and based in NYC. We build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Techgardens is more than an IT consulting firm. We select the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment.

Techgardens is a preferred partner and authorized reseller of many widely recognized vendor products. Many of our vendors work exclusively through resellers and we have over a decade of experience deploying our vendor products. Together with our team of highly qualified engineers, and senior IT staff, we guarantee the best possible pricing and technical support for our customers.

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