Network Automation

Techgardens, together with our vendor Packet Fabric, offers network automation  solutions. Today’s network infrastructure is much like the electrical grid; it’s lagged behind the rest of world, and hasn’t kept pace with advancements in technology. Procuring network services to provision simple services to move data from one point to another takes months of work and man power. Our network automation services offer instantaneous provisioning in minutes not months.

  •  Access network services in alternate data centers
  • Create a private fully meshed backbone between data center locations
  • Create private interconnections with business partners in separate data centers without the need to physically colocate
  • Create multiple private connections to service providers from a single physical interface

Start creating your custom network today.

  • Point to point – forget expensive redundant waves, and connect your colocation facilities in about 3 minutes
  • Connect to the Cloud – instantly create hybrid cloud connectivity to move workloads between private and public clouds
  • Build your own network – use a single port to connect colocation, cloud, SaaS applications, and business partners.

Techgardens is an authorized vendor and preferred partner with Packet Fabric. Techgardens will provide your company with the best support and the best price possible. We have been providing networking solutions to enterprise clients for over a decade and we understand the technology, the product and how it is used today. We will help you design your solution holistically, based on your specific needs taking into consideration your application, storage requirements, performance requirements and budget.

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