Open Networking

Techgardens, together with our partner Nvidia, offers open networking solutions to address any of your data center networking challenges. From automation to network virtualization, we have a networking solution or use case for your data center needs.

Network virtualization

Get more simplicity and more control. Our hardware enables the high performance desired for workloads while leveraging overlays, enforcing policies as desired and scaling with the benefits of VXLAN technology.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Eliminates dedicated storage nodes while also providing data resiliency via distributed storage software. By coupling our network operating system with hyperconverged systems, businesses can break free from the traditional siloed approach and can simplify and aggregate compute and storage resources. 

Network automation

As organizations look to take advantage of innovative technology like 5G, cloud, IoT and more, they look to innovative networking deployments that incorporate new ways of thinking about automation — think infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD and more. With the rapid pace of growth, network traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate and organizations are left with infrastructure that is harder to manage and deploy. 

Network automation has thus become a key component in a business’ ability to scale by limiting resource demand, mitigating errors and helping operators manage more switches. 

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Why Techgardens?

Techgardens is Futurex’s primary US sales and implementation partner because of our knowledge of their industry leading cyber security solutions as well as our deep understanding of the larger enterprise IT and security environment in which they operate.  Headquartered in New York City, Techgardens is a systems integration and engineering company that has been providing IT infrastructure and cyber security equipment and professional services to US business and government entities for over a decade.  Our experience with secure public and private cloud architectures and solutions sets us apart from the competition since we can readily assist customers migrate end of life hardware-based solutions to a more flexible and robust cloud-based HSM environment.


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