Boost DWDM Network Capacity

Is your existing core DWDM transport aging or too expensive to add capacity over? Are complexity of provisioning and management slowing down your service delivery?

Current technology can offer increased capacity via Alien wavelengths over your existing platform at a fraction of the cost, footprint and power.   Boost capacity from 1G, 10G to 100G / 200G with fast turn up and management.  Offer new services including encryption.

Alien Wavelength technology allows you to exponentially expand capacity of your existing DWDM network without replacing or re-engineering your current infrastructure.  As demand for more capacity increases you can simply, and cost effectively add capacity for whatever application is needed. Expanding older or larger OTN/DWDM platforms is often very expensive and complex.  Operators today are looking to alien wavelengths to improve their competitiveness, shorten turn up time and reduce their overall operating costs.

As a vendor-agnostic third-party solution, alien wavelength technology can integrate with almost any existing DWDM system. Plug and play service creation is simple and scalable in a truly pay as you grow 1RU building block architecture. Your current platform does not support 10G or 100G multiplexing or secure layer 1 encryption?  Overlaying an Alien wavelength solution can get you that and a whole lot more.  It can help move you towards a truly open line system and enable you to slowly migrate off your existing platform when you are ready, on your time and your budget.

Let us help with a no cost network audit / design review.  Techgardens is a leading systems integrator that can help deploy alien wavelength solutions within your network. Our systems engineers will ensure that our alien wavelength solutions will implement seamlessly within your current infrastructure. The ease of installation and fast deployment will reduce OPEX and CAPEX and make for compelling ROI.

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