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In computer networking, infrastructure mode is when a network joins devices together, either through wired or wireless means, using an access point like a router. This centralization is what sets infrastructure mode apart from the ad-hoc mode. Setting up an infrastructure-mode network requires at least one wireless access point and that the AP and all the clients be configured to use the same network name. The access point is cabled to the wired network to allow wireless clients access to resources like the internet or printers. Additional APs can be joined to this network to increase the reach of the infrastructure and support more wireless clients.

Compared to ad-hoc wireless networks, infrastructure offers the advantage of scale, centralized security management, and improved reach. Wireless devices can connect to resources on a wired LAN, which is common in business settings, and more access points can be added to improve congestion and broaden the reach of the network. In short,  infrastructure mode is typical for long-lasting, more permanent implementations of a wireless network. Many Wi-Fi devices can only work in infrastructure mode. This includes wireless printers, the Google Chromecast, and some Android devices. In those circumstances, infrastructure mode has to be set up for those devices to function; they must connect through an access point.

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