OpenStack Baremetal

OpenStack Baremetal

When Baremetal Matters

OpenStack bare metal provisioning a.k.a Ironic is an integrated OpenStack program which aims to provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines, forked from the Nova baremetal driver. When the Bare Metal service is appropriately configured with the Compute and Network services, it is possible to provision both virtual and physical machines through the Compute service’s API. However, the set of instance actions is limited, arising from the different characteristics of physical servers and switch hardware. For example, live migration can not be performed on a bare metal instance.

Here are a few use-cases for bare metal (physical server) provisioning in cloud; there are
doubtless many more interesting ones:
• High-performance computing clusters
• Computing tasks that require access to hardware devices which can’t be virtualized
• Database hosting (some databases run poorly in a hypervisor)
• Single tenant, dedicated hardware for performance, security, dependability and other regulatory requirements
• Or, rapidly deploying a cloud infrastructure

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