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Businesses today demand more powerful, reliable and flexible storage than ever before. 24/7 accessibility of data is a given. TrueNAS® offers a solution that combines the flexibility of unified storage, the performance and efficiency of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the familiarity and simplified management of the FreeNAS user interface, and white glove enterprise support.

TrueNAS® customers can test, develop, and deploy applications as part of a private or hybrid cloud, avoiding the pitfalls of public clouds.

Primary features:

  • Hybrid Storage Pools
  • Self-Healing File System
  • Intelligent Storage Optimization
  • Unlimited Snapshots & Replication

If your company leverages Open Source technology, it’s a distinct advantage to work with a company that speaks your language. IX Systems incorporates Open Source solutions into their storage and server product lines.

For financial institutions, TrueNAS® keeps information safe, fast and secure. It uses a next-generation OpenZFS file system and the highest backup integrity through built-in-self-healing bit rot mitigation, unlimited instant snapshots, replication and encryption.

For healthcare institutions, TrueNAS® provides an enterprise storage solution that scales 4PB, unifies block and file storage, has high availability capabilities, and balances price and performance. With TrueNAS®, ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive healthcare, ePHI, and EPR data throughout its lifecycle. It also provides tools to successfully achieve HIPAA and HITECH compliance with advanced encryption and data integrity measures that make sure the data remains private and consistent.

For educational institutions, TrueNAS® provides a solution that allows users to store, retrieve and analyze data that they generate for multiple years. It provides unrivaled data integrity protection by using OpenZFS enterprise file system. It can also encrypt data and replicate it remotely. In addition, students and administrative personnel can access multiple application platforms and resources using a TrueNAS®Unified Storage Array. It provides flexibility in your choice of applications, while reducing the number of storage arrays needed.

TrueNAS® is highly automated and does not need expertise to setup and operate. It gives you the same enterprise features at a more economical price than other storage array vendors.

Learn How TrueNAS® provides Petabyte Capacity Storage with Replication

McGill University’s School of Computer Science runs almost exclusively on Open Source software. Their systems team manages very specialized computing environments across the campus that central IT doesn’t serve. McGill stores petabytes of data for the various research projects that take place on campus and the Goodman Cancer Research Centre. They needed a solution that can keep pace with their data growth while keeping it simple to manage and within an ever-shrinking budget.

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