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Why Techgardens is the best TrueNAS Preferred Reseller Partner

Techgardens is the preferred global partner with over a decade of experience deploying enterprise-grade storage solutions. We guarantee:

Techgardens is a preferred global partner with over a decade of experience deploying enterprise-grade storage solutions. We work closely with TrueNAS engineers to provide client’s a custom solution tailored specifically to their technical and business requirements. 

We understand the technology, the products and how they are used today. We will help you design your solution holistically, based on your specific needs taking into consideration your applications, IT requirements, performance requirements and budget.

Our mission is to simplify the customer experience by becoming a single point of contact from concept, to test and turnup. We focus on delivering value to our customers and suppliers. We leverage our in house engineering experience to design and deliver high performance solutions. Our main goal is to provide first class customer service and support by empowering IT professionals and business executives to protect their organizations by providing tools, resources and expertise in storage, infrastructure, cloud and cybersecurity. We provide our customers with the most reliable, flexible, expandable and economical technology solutions available

Our technical team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the financial, healthcare, government, retail and other verticals. We are staffed with CISSPs, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators with offices in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island and North Carolina.

With the ever changing landscapes in technology evolution, mergers, acquisitions, and globalization, ensuring the end-user adoption of technology investments is a must to maximize effectiveness and ROI. Our team will add value to your business requirements and end-user needs.

Our training and support team services include:

  • training & design: we collaborate with our clients to design training programs that meet the needs of the organization and end users.
  • training development: we create an environment where people learn how to use new processes and systems to do their jobs.
  • training delivery: Training enables individuals to learn skills when they are needed. We provide learners with information they need at the right time.

See Why Techgardens Is Your Best Partner For Storage Solutions Needs.

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“Whether it’s storing data in the cloud or the best approach to ransomware detection, the team at Techgardens has the skills needed to ensure that our infrastructure is running at optimal capacity. They’ve assisted us with everything from engineering to implementation – We trust them with our network and you should too.”
Andrew S.
Techgardens Customer & Storage Client

What are TrueNAS Solutions?

TrueNAS represents the Flexibility to Serve & protect your and your customer’s sensitive data- it’s just that simple.

What is TrueNAS?

TrueNAS is an enterprise-grade storage array that shares and protects data from threats like ransomware and malware. TrueNAS makes it easy for users and client devices to access shared data through virtually any sharing protocol and comes with world-class technical support.

How does TrueNas Work?

TrueNAS comes in multiple flavors and protects data in different ways depending on your business needs. TrueNAS combines RAID redundancy, OpenZFS, Replication, Snapshots, Automatic Corruption Repair, and High Availablity to deliver best-in-class performance, reliability, and data protection

All Flash or Hybrid Arrays

TrueNAS delivers a perfect balance of price and performance that puts many hybrid and all-flash arrays to shame. It uses TrueCache to leverage RAM, flash storage, and spinning disks for flash-like performance with spinning disk capabilities and economics. 

There is a TrueNAS storage Solution to fit every need

TrueNAS offers a variety of product-based solutions guaranteed to meet your storage and protection needs. 

TrueNAS X10 Storage

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TrueNAS M50 Storage

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TrueNAS R10 Storage

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See Why Techgardens Is Your Best Partner For Storage Solution Needs.

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