Gartner Magic Quadrant NGFW from Forcepoint

Network security is notoriously difficult to implement and maintain due to rapidly evolving threats and complexities within the network. Forcepoint NGFW provides organizations with unparalleled security for business-critical data. It is designed to connect and protect distributed enterprises that require always-on availability, comprehensive remote management, and scalability (especially for the cloud).

Why choose Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall over the competition? Not only can you deploy, monitor, and update thousands of VPN’s and IPS’s from a single console, cutting your network operating expenses in half, it offers the following benefits:

Clustering and High Availability

Forcepoint NGFW offers the best clustering capabilities available in the marketplace. It offers 99.999% uptime across the network

Centralized Management

Forcepoint NGFW allows users to deploy, manage, and update thousands of firewalls from one console. It is simple, fast and secure.

Multi-Link VPN

Forcepoint NGFW is unique, patented, and praised by end-users of VPN Mesh Technology

Operational Efficiency

Forcepoint NGFW offers zero touch firewall/IPS deployment. Features painless updates, upgrades, and clear visibility.

Enterprise Grade Solution

Forcepoint NGFW offers lower TCO and higher flexibility and scalability than any other NGFW on the market today.

The benefits of Forcepoint NGFW far outpace the competition. It allows you to cut TCO burden by up to 50%, eliminate downtime and the ability to slash theft, not performance.

 Forcepoint Advantages Technical Benefits Business Value
A single, consistent platform and OS for NGFW, IPS, VPN, URL filtering and sandboxing No complex design and integration issues, easier to manage and monitor Reduced lifecycle management, operational overhead and capital costs
Support for Azure and AWS clouds One technology to understand and manage across physical and virtual appliances. Enables a consistent approach to security in the cloud without operational complexity
One centralized management tool for the entire product line with mutli-site visibility Simplifies administration and eliminates per device management Lower operational cost and incident response time
Single, integrated policy management for both firewall and IPS Simplifies administration and helps eliminate policy gaps Lower operational cost and enables consistent protection
Consistent exploit blocking and evasion protection across the entire product line Branch offices receive the same level of protection as corporate headquarters Provides consistent protection across the enterprise regardless of location
Active/Active clustering of up to sixteen appliances across models and OS versions Scale out – not up – and take away a pain point from lifecycle management Protects past investment and helps ensure business continuity
Built-in multi-link IP VPN Built in secure private networking Reduces networking cost while maintaining networking connectivity
Built in SSL decryption Inspect otherwise masked data transmissions and deny or allow specific HTTP commands or URL segments inside HTTPS Provides inspection of the traffic from the most prevalent form of web browsing
Proxy security capabilities for well-known protocols such as SSH/SFTP & HTTP Protects mission critical applications Provides protection for commonly used network protocols
On-premises or cloud-based zero-day sandboxing Provides options to best suit operational needs Provides multiple options to lower operational costs
Endpoint whitelisting and blacklisting application control Controls the applications and versions that may or may not access the Internet Helps eliminate known vulnerabilities

To learn more about Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall, download the brochure.

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