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Techgardens understands cloud and network security. Our products allow you to safely improve user productivity for SaaS and public cloud applications across the globe while reducing complexity, MPLS costs, and compliance risk with SD-WAN with integrated site security. Our high-availability VPN securely connects site-to-site and links cloud –based workloads to on-premises infrastructure at a global scale. Other features of cloud and network products:

• Protect data centers, branch offices, cloud networks, and the people who use them with the industry’s most secure NGFW

• Defeat exploits and evasions that bypass traditional network security by adding IPS behind existing firewalls or as part of a full-featured NGFW for all-in-one security

• Protect users from advanced threats, mobile malware, phishing attacks, spoofing, and more with a best-in-class web security solution

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Techgardens will provide your company with the best support and the best price possible for cloud and network products. We have been providing cybersecurity solutions to enterprise clients for over a decade and we understand the technology, the products and how they are used today. We will help you design your solution holistically, based on your specific needs taking into consideration your application, security requirements, performance requirements and budget.

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Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 with headquarters in New York City. We specialize in IT consulting, cyber security, network infrastructure, enterprise storage, and cloud computing solutions. Techgardens selects the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment. Our team of engineers design and build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Our technical team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the financial, healthcare, education, government, legal, manufacturing, media, energy and retail verticals. We are staffed with CISSPs, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators with offices in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We serve customers and industries throughout the US.

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