TrueNAS X20

TrueNAS X20

• Hybrid or all-flash storage
• Support single or redundant storage controllers
• Second storage controller can be added later for HA
• Up to 1PB of capacity (w/ 1x ES60 Expansion Shelf)
• 64GB of RAM
• Up to 800GB flash read cache
• Read and write caches optional
• Up to 6x 1GbE, 4x 10GbE, or 2x 16Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces per controller
• Expansion shelves Supported: up to 2x ES12, up to 1x ES60
• Maximum power draw**
• Dual storage controller (HA): 200 Watts
• Single storage controller: 140 Watts

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iXsystems TrueNAS X20

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Enterprise Storage for every budget.

The most affordable TrueNAS unified storage arrays are designed with enterprise features, high-availability, and reliability at an entry-level cost. Available in two models, the TrueNAS X10 and X20 provide unified file, block, and object storage, and are available in single or dualcontroller, hybrid or all-flash configurations. The TrueNAS X-Series offers excellent reliability and affordability for small and medium IT environments.

The TrueNAS X-Series arrays combine the flexibility of unified storage, the performance of solid state flash drives, the capacity of hard disks, the simplified management of a powerful web-based user interface, and white-glove enterprise support. TrueNAS inherits the rich functionality and Open Source economics of FreeNAS® and adds Enterprise-class capabilities.

Every TrueNAS enterprise storage array supports unified block, file, and S3-compliant object storage protocols. Its modular hardware architecture conserves power, space, and cooling while supporting multiple applications with its hybrid flash and disk storage pools. Optional High Availability ensures storage services are not disrupted, while Intelligent Storage Optimization maximizes storage efficiency with typical data reduction ratios of greater than 2.5x.

The TrueNAS X-Series fits a wide range of applications from file and media storage to business continuity, video surveillance, and many others. The TrueNAS X-Series provides data integrity, reliability, and ease-of management for business that never sleeps.


Solid-state performance at spinning-disk capacity and cost. TrueNAS leverages ZFS to merge multi-layer DRAM and flash cache with high-density spinning disks: system RAM and SSDs are used to cache reads and writes while HDDs store the data.

The performance of RAM and SSDs are orders of magnitude faster than HDDs, while their power requirements are much lower. TrueNAS lets you increase performance and scale capacity while conserving power and saving money.


Data integrity is the name of the game, and TrueNAS leaves nothing about your data to chance. In-flight data corruption is automatically detected and repaired before it ever reaches disk, and bit rot and data decay are identified and scrubbed clean. This ensures data is always pristine. Simply put, what you store on a TrueNAS storage solution today will remain intact for as long as it’s in service.


TrueNAS maximizes storage efficiency by offering compression, deduplication, and thin provisioning at no extra cost. The TrueNAS Adaptive Compression (TAC) algorithm efficiently boosts storage performance while maximizing storage capacity. TAC intelligently adjusts its compression ratio without wasting system resources. Before data is stored, TrueNAS dynamically detects and compresses what it can and skips over any data too inefficient to be worthwhile.


Most storage appliances require additional licenses for advanced features – but not TrueNAS. Unlimited file version retention, restoration, and replication are at your fingertips. Data is automatically protected locally against unintentional alteration, such as ransomware or malware, with minimal storage consumption. Data can be replicated locally, remotely, or to the cloud for backups or disaster recovery. TrueNAS snapshots can also be coordinated with VMware snapshots.

With the power of TrueNAS, any data protection or disaster recovery policy is simple to implement and maintain.

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