Techgardens Cybersecurity Services

The regulators are looking for integrated and effective approaches to protecting sensitive data these days. More and more frequently, businesses are asked by their auditors and assessors to present their written information security program (WISP) as part of the annual review. Techgardens speaks WISP. Let us review your business and regulatory requirements and provide the necessary services and solutions to create a WISP that is sustainable for your business in a practical and affordable way.

Security Health Check

Review technology and governance environment.

Vulnerability Scanning/Penetration Testing

Internal and external scanning.

Policy & Procedure Review, Development & Consultation

Review existing customer-identified policy and standards.

Audit Response & Remediation Consulting

Review finding from audit and other risk or vulnerability assessments.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

Review security and compliance policies and configuration.

Compliance Consulting

Prepare for a compliance audit.

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Scan or test in-scope assets.

Risk Assessment & Management

Conduct asset-based risk assessment.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Customized training with case studies.

Why Techgardens?

Techgardens is Futurex’s primary US sales and implementation partner because of our knowledge of their industry leading cyber security solutions as well as our deep understanding of the larger enterprise IT and security environment in which they operate.


Headquartered in New York City, Techgardens is a systems integration and engineering company that has been providing IT infrastructure and cyber security equipment and professional services to US business and government entities for over a decade. 

Our experience with secure public and private cloud architectures and solutions sets us apart from the competition since we can readily assist customers migrate end of life hardware-based solutions to a more flexible and robust cloud-based HSM environment.  

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