Intrusion Prevention & Detection

Detect & Prevent Cyber Attacks

Intrusion prevention and detection are two broad terms used to describe application security practices used to mitigate cyber attacks and block new threats. Intrusion detection identifies and mitigates ongoing attacks using an intrusion detection system that uses known intrusion signatures to detect and analyze both inbound and outbound network traffic for abnormal activities. Intrusion prevention is used to preemptively block application attacks. An IPS complements an IDS configuration by proactively inspecting a system’s incoming traffic to find and prevent malicious requests.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) solutions must be properly provisioned, updated and patched to protect against threats. Policies, signatures and rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility, provide security and to comply with regulations.

IPS and IDS systems are closely related and tightly integrated. They should be deployed together to not only identify threats, but to effectively deal with those threats in real time as they occur. Our IPS/IDS systems identify and respond to threats faster, when a real threat is identified. Our IPS performs real-time packet inspection and if malicious or suspicious packets are detected the IPS will carry out one of the following:

Terminate the TCP session that has been exploited and block the offending source IP address or user account from accessing any application, target hosts or other network resources unethically. Reprogram or reconfigure the firewall to prevent a similar attack occurring in the future. Remove or replace any malicious content that remains on the network following an attack. This is done by repackaging payloads, removing header information and removing any infected attachments from file or email servers.

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