Unified Security Simplified

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that combines security information management and security event management functions into one security management system. The idea behind SIEM is to aggregate relevant data from multiple sources, identify deviations from the norm, and take appropriate action. SIEM systems can be rules-based or employ a statistical correlation engine to establish relationships between event log entries. Our SIEM software fuels early threat detection so you can focus on fast response and allows you to start detecting threats on day one and drive operational efficiency with a unified security platform.

SIEM should be deployed to provide centralized security visibility into all your environments. Major drivers behind why companies deploy SIEM technologies include, compliance obligations, gaining and maintaining certifications, log management and retention, continuous monitoring and incident response, case management or ticketing systems, and policy enforcement validation and policy violations. The primary driving factor to deploy SIEM is compliance but many companies also implement SIEM in an effort to not only protect sensitive data but also to demonstrate proof that they are doing so, also while meeting compliance requirements. Another benefit of SIEM is not only can it help your business comply with regulations and detect  cybersecurity incidents, it can also efficiently help mange incidents that may occur, saving your security professionals time and resources because it can speed incident containment and reduce the extent of damage that many incidents cause.

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