Network Access Control

Network Access Control

Control Access to the Network

Network Access Control describes a security policy in which specific devices receive differing levels of network access based on a set of conditions. Today’s NAC solutions have the ability to identify unique endpoints, collect large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources and use it to make highly informed decision on how to best implement controls.

Network Access Control protection should be deployed for the following reasons. First, because securely handling mobile devices is a key concern for IT professionals tasked with providing secure network access with minimal disruption to end users. Secondly, because one of the major advantages is NAC’s ability to deliver network access on a granular basis. Finally, NAC can stop the source of threats from connecting to the network and integrate with detection products to isolate affected systems before attackers can further access the network.

NAC can dramatically improve an organization’s security posture. By allowing greater control over what devices are accessing the network, it can greatly reduce the risk of an intentional or accidental data breach.

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