Advanced Malware & Endpoint Protection

Advanced Malware & Endpoint Protection

Say So Long to Malware

Endpoint security is designed to secure each endpoint on the network created by remote devices such as laptops or other wireless and mobile devices.
Each device with a remote connection to the network creates a potential point of entry for security threats. Typically, endpoint security consists of security software that is located on a centrally managed and accessible server or gateway within the network, in addition to software being installed on each of the endpoints or devices. Endpoint protection allows your mobile workforce to use their devices on the corporate network with needed protection from malware.

Advanced malware protection should be deployed to isolate threats and remove them automatically. Our endpoint protection blocks malware and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost every exploit. It doesn’t rely on signatures to catch malware which means it catches zero-day threats without adversely affecting the performance of your device. You get protection before those exploits even arrive.

Behavior analytics determine suspicious behaviors, allowing for the detection of malware specifically designed to evade traditional solutions. Traffic detection pre-filters all HTTP
traffic and tracks suspicious traffic as well as the file path of the process sending malicious traffic. Integrated endpoint and network provide instant and automatic communication between the endpoint and network and alters the suspected system of exactly what the firewall is detecting, allowing the endpoint  protection agent immediate use of that information to discover the process behind the threat.

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