Capital One: What’s In Your Network?

Written by Mike Parsons, CISSP, PCIP, IAM, IEM, HIPAA Certified, Techgardens Senior Security Engineer and Chris Poer, Director of Cloud & Security Services Capital One reported a data breach impacting roughly 100 million US and 6 million Canada credit card applicants.  Court documents reveal the breach was done by US-based, ex-AWS engineer that posted her work […]

What is Synchronized Security?

What is Synchronized Security? Mike Parsons, CISSP, PCIP, IAM, IEM, HIPAA Certified Security Engineering/Architecture Synchronized Security is a best-of-breed security system that enables security solutions to talk to each other, sharing information and responding automatically to threats. Sophos introduced this technology in response to the growing number of data breaches across the country in an effort […]

5 Ways to Avoid Being the Next Data Breach Headline

It’s been an active season for criminal hackers, rogue employees and others with vindictive motives and the ability to exploit weak cyber security systems. If you’re reading this post, you’re most likely aware of the risk that determined criminal hackers outside your organization, as well as malicious (and mistake-prone) insiders can pose to your confidential […]