With the growth of cloud adoption and the “Cloud First” approach to information technology initiatives now common amongst organizations, security and compliance blind spots are being created. Forcepoint CASB helps organizations eliminate these blind spots by providing visibility and control over cloud applications.

Forcepoint CASB provides both the ability to discover the use of unsanctioned cloud applications and assess associated risk, as well as the ability to control how sanctioned cloud applications such as Office 365, Google Suite, Salesforce, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Box and others are used in order to prevent the loss of critical intellectual property.

With Forcepoint CASB, organizations can truly embrace the cloud by ensuring that their users are not engaging in risky behaviors without slowing them down.

CASB offers the following:

  • Support for any cloud application
  • Prevents cloud cyber threats
  • Prevents data leakage
  • Manages BYOD access

CASB provides support for real-time activity monitoring, auditing and the rest of the CASB features for ALL Cloud apps – for over 30+ out of the box aps.


Interested in learning more?  Read the white paper “Securing and Monitoring Access to Office 365”.



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