Botnet Malware Targets Small Businesses and Home Office Users

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The FBI and US Department of Homeland Security sent an alert this weekend announcing that cyber actors are targeting home and office routers and networked devices worldwide.

A botnet has been identified that has been brought into service worldwide that is targeting small businesses and home office users. The botnet is designed to collect intelligence such as credentials and user habits, exploit local LAN devices such as SOHO firewalls and wireless access points, and block incoming and outgoing network traffic in a form of internally originated denial of service attack. Please ensure that you power down and power up your Internet connection as soon as possible. This includes your own personal firewall or Internet wireless router/firewall as well as equipment provided by your Internet Service Provider. Doing so will break any backdoor connection as a result of this threat. It would also be advisable that you have the most current version of firmware installed on your computer as well.

Systems affected

  • Small office/home office routers
  • Networked devices
  • Network attached storage devices


  • Negative consequences of VPN Filter malware infection include
  • Temporary or permanent loss of sensitive or proprietary information
  • Disruption to regular operations
  • Financial losses incurred to restore systems and files and
  • Potential harm to an organization’s reputation

DHS and FBI recommend that all SOHO router owners power cycle (reboot) their devices to temporarily disrupt the malware.

DHS has further recommendations; read the full release CERT Alert for VPNFilter.

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