Arista Technical Certifications

Unlocking a New Era in Networking Expertise

At Techgardens, we understand that staying ahead in the dynamic realm of IT requires more than just cutting-edge solutions – it demands a team equipped with unparalleled expertise. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest achievement: completion of Arista Technical Certifications by our exceptional technical team.


Why Arista?

Arista Networks is at the forefront of pioneering software-driven cloud networking solutions, and we believe in aligning our skills with the best in the industry. By investing in Arista Technical Certifications, Techgardens is not just keeping pace with the evolving IT landscape but leading the charge towards a future where networking is smarter, more efficient, and seamlessly integrated.


What Sets Our Team Apart?

Rigorous Training, Proven Expertise

Our technical team has undergone rigorous training, covering the ins and outs of Arista Networks’ solutions. From fundamental concepts to advanced configurations, our experts have immersed themselves in the intricacies of Arista’s cutting-edge technology.


Real-world Application

Theory is only as good as its practical application. With Arista Technical Certifications under their belts, our team doesn’t just understand the concepts – they’ve mastered the art of implementing them in real-world scenarios. Your network challenges become opportunities for our certified experts to showcase their prowess.


Future-Ready Solutions

Arista’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission at Techgardens. By earning these certifications, our team demonstrates not only their proficiency in current technologies but their readiness to adapt to the future developments in networking.


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The Techgardens Advantage

Choosing Techgardens means choosing a partner with a proven track record of delivering top-notch IT solutions. Our Arista Technical Certifications further solidify our commitment to excellence, ensuring that our clients benefit from the most skilled and knowledgeable team in the industry.


Elevate Your Networking Experience

As businesses evolve, so should their networks. Techgardens, armed with Arista Technical Certifications, is your gateway to a transformative networking experience. Trust us to build, optimize, and secure your network infrastructure with unmatched proficiency.


Ready to Experience the Techgardens Difference?

Contact us today to discover how our Arista Technical Certifications empower us to elevate your IT infrastructure. Join us on this journey towards a future where innovation meets expertise, and your network becomes a catalyst for your success.

About Techgardens

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 with headquarters in New York City. We specialize in IT consulting, cyber security, network infrastructure, enterprise storage, and cloud computing solutions. Techgardens selects the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment. Our team of engineers design and build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Our technical team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the financial, healthcare, education, government, legal, manufacturing, media, energy and retail verticals. We are staffed with CISSPs, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators with offices in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We serve customers and industries throughout the US.

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