ARIA Cybersecurity

ARIA’s ADR is the worlds most advanced threat detection and response system that uses ML and AI to identify and stop all forms of cyber attacks.

Threat detection and response

ARIA’s award winning  Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) solution automatically finds and stops the most harmful cyber-attacks.

Data protection

Aria’s solutions protect and secure high-value, critical data such as PII/PHI in any environment.

AriaCloud ADR

The ARIA CloudADR solution is a fully AI-driven, cloud-based SOC.

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Techgardens offers a complete suite of cybersecurity products and services.

Techgardens is proud to be Futurex’s primary US sales partner because of our in-depth cybersecurity experience and solutions as well as our understanding how Futurex’s solutions fit in to enterprise client’s larger IT infrastructure, security, and compliance requirements.


Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Security Health Check
  • Vulnerability Scanning / Penetration Testing
  • Policy & Procedure Review, Development & Consultation
  • Audit Response & Remediation Consulting
  • Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Compliance Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Techgardens Professional Services

  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Key Management & Encryption Assessment
  • System Design & Planning
  • Installation – Cloud & local data center
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Security Strategy & Planning
  • Compliance
  • Project & Program Management

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