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Apposite Technologies provides world-class wide area network (WAN) emulation to enterprises, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Their award-winning Netropy and Linktropy WAN emulation solutions simulate bandwidth, latency, loss, congestion, and other network impairments to deliver accurate simulations of any wide-area network – 5G, cable, satellite, cloud, etc. in the test lab.  This help businesses deploy new technology with confidence while increasing automation and lowering costs associated with performance testing.

Easily emulate complex network topologies with Apposite’s wide range of network emulators from low-cost, 100Mbps portable devices to advanced, high-precision emulators that reach speeds up to 100GbE.  Apposite’s network emulators are quick to install, intuitive to configure, and easy to operate. Get up and running performance tests in minutes with no training necessary.

Apposite Technologies products are only sold through an authorized vendor. Techgardens is an authorized vendor and partner with Apposite Technologies. Techgardens will provide your company with the best support and the best price possible. We have been providing optical networking solutions to enterprise clients for over a decade and we understand the technology, the products and how they are used today. We will help you design your solution holistically, based on your specific needs taking into consideration your application, infrastructure requirements, performance requirements and budget.

For more information about Apposite Technologies, complete the form or contact us at 646-783-4550 or today.

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Watch the Webinar: Traffic Generation Solution

Discover how Netropy Traffic Generation Solutions streamline the complexity, cost, and learning curve required to validate network, application, and security performance at scale.

Mitigate the risks associated with new application rollouts and system implementations with ease and identify and resolve performance issues before they reach your customers. With multiple test applications hosted on the same modern, browser-based user interface it has never been easier to set up, deploy and repeat complex, traffic-based performance tests. 

Watch as we debut our new line of Traffic Generation Solutions and learn how to: 

• Easily configure traffic streams with realistic application traffic and protocols with wizard-driven configuration 

• Generate a city-scale of network traffic by amplifying a single traffic capture into millions of flows 

• Choose from an extensive library of predefined application flows for SaaS, video streaming, finance, web conference and more.


About Techgardens

Techgardens is a leading systems integrator founded in 2009 with headquarters in New York City. We specialize in IT consulting, cyber security, network infrastructure, enterprise storage, and cloud computing solutions. Techgardens selects the best technology to appropriately match IT solutions that provide efficiency and return on investment. Our team of engineers design and build customized IT solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers; exceeding their expectations. Our technical team has over 50 years of combined experience working in the financial, healthcare, education, government, legal, manufacturing, media, energy and retail verticals. We are staffed with CISSPs, Network Engineers and Systems Administrators with offices in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We serve customers and industries throughout the US.

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