Advanced Malware Detection

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Identifying the malware components of advanced threats has become increasingly difficult due to the evolution of evasion tactics and technology by criminal and nation-state threat actors. Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) technology delivers proven, industry-leading security accuracy. Even highly evasive threats are revealed through deep content inspection of activity at multiple levels, dormant code, and other indicators often overlooked by traditional sandbox technologies.

Like sandboxing, Forcepoint AMD provides a simulated environment for malware execution. Traditional sandboxes only have visibility down to the operating system level. Forcepoint offers a unique isolation and inspection environment that simulates an entire host, including the CPU, system memory and all devices. Deep Content Inspection interacts with the malware to observe all the actions a malicious object might take within this complete environment, and even identifies dormant code for special analysis.

Because Forcepoint AMD interacts with malware, it can observe every action that a malicious object might take, even when those actions are delegated to the operating system or other programs. It can also identify potentially malicious dormant code that does not execute. In contrast, sandbox-only solutions provide a relatively static environment, limiting the types of malicious behavior they may uncover. A comprehensive solution must do more than just stop advanced malware, it must prioritize it. Correlated incident information helps prioritize the most significant threats to your network without having to search through massive log files. And full attack chain visibility helps your incident response team to quickly understand the nature of the attack, making your valuable security resources more efficient.

Threat actors have demonstrated their flexibility to find and exploit any available point of entry. Forcepoint AMD integrates with other defenses, complimenting their security capabilities to frustrate an attacker’s efforts across multiple channels. The resulting shared intelligence improves overall visibility and strengthens each point of defense. There are four main components of AMD:

  • Web Security
  • Email Security
  • NGFW
  • CASB

Web security is a cloud or hybrid deployed Secure Web Gateway that stops advanced threats from getting in and sensitive data from getting out. Email Security stops the spam and phishing emails that introduce ransomware and other advanced threats before they can infect systems with malware. Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) connects and protects people and the data they use throughout your offices, branches and the Cloud – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security. CASB delivers visibility and control over cloud applications to bolster security and compliance.

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