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Telecom & Power Utilities – Modernizing & Protecting the Synchronization Infrastructure

As today's networks continue a rapid migration to packet-based technologies, the requirements and strategies for synchronization in the network have changed greatly. Since the recent Presidential Executive Order to improve GNSS resiliency for critical infrastructure, Telecom and Power Utility Providers must make significant changes in current network synchronization deployments and strategies to protect the timing in the network and power substations against GNSS vulnerabilities.

Why Should I Attend?

In this webinar we will discuss:

Introduction to OSA Timing Products – Including the new Optical Cesium Platform Executive Order to Improve GPS Resiliency Timing Requirements in the Network and Power Substations Best Deployment Strategies Protecting Against GNSS Jamming GNSS Spoofing Detection Synchronization technologies for Packet Networks ePRTC – Surviving Extended GPS Outages Engineering for Strict Phase Objectives Mobility Networks and Mobile Backhaul

This Webinar will be presented by:

Ed Nardi
Director of Sales 


Chuck Perry
Business Development Manager
Oscilloquartz Division of ADVA

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