The State of the Healthcare Industry

Did you know most consumers would leave a healthcare provider if struck by ransomware?

According to a survey of 5,000 U.S. consumers conducted by Carbon Black, about 68 percent of U.S. consumers would consider leaving their healthcare provider if it was negatively impacted by ransomware.

The Healthcare industry requires a different set of regulations and requirements from an IT perspective. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards mandate that all healthcare facilities meet these requirements in order to stay in compliance.

Techgardens specializes in understanding these requirements and proactively administrating IT support to address these requirements. We stay abreast of the current regulations and monitor the industry for changing requirements. We then customize an IT support plan that meets the needs of the healthcare facility to ensure the highest level of compliance.

From security to data privacy, Techgardens offers solutions to meet the required regulations.

Some of the products we offer to specifically address healthcare industry regulations are:

ERPM – Enterprise Random Password Manager, a product that allows IT professionals to change hundreds of privileged passwords in seconds. What normally takes hours for IT professionals can be reduced to just a few seconds of work with ERPM.

Intercept X – ransomware is a continuing threat to the healthcare industry, specifically when it comes to patient records and private information. Intercept X is a ransomware detection product that can detect and eliminate threats without human intervention. When a hacker tries to infiltrate a network, Intercept X goes beyond anti virus software to identify and eliminate the threat. Intercept X can work in conjunction with existing anti virus software to provide an added layer of security to hospital records.

Triton APX – Data Theft Prevention product that allows you to deploy adaptive security. Allows users to protect data from advanced threats and theft demands. Read the brochure.

Forcepoint DLP – Data Loss Prevention from Forcepoint has the ability to prove that no sensitive data has left the network or been breached. DLP allows you to show how you are enforcing policies and monitoring compliance.

Ransomware & HIPAA Fact Sheet

Data Theft Prevention for Healthcare White Paper 

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